E-books are a must have for all authors these days. To find a publisher is a very hard task and to print your book, you need to spend a lot of money. But it is easy to auto-publish your book in an electronic form and sell it as a kindle book or an epub on any platform of your choice.

If your book already exists in a printed form, you might want to transform it into an epub. If your book doesn’t exist yet in a printed form and you want to put it online, you need the correctly formatted file, an .epub, .ibook, .kpf, .pdf, .mobi..

E-books are sold on the Amazon Kindle store, the Kobo store, Barnes and Noble, the Apple Store or the Google Play Books, to name a few. The formatting varies according to the platform.

I can help you through all the stages to get your book out there, as a reflowable epub or a fixed layout, ready for 1 or several platforms of your choice.