The book from A to Z

The book is a complex and creative project. To be involved from the very start to the final version is an intriguing and satisfying experience. If the idea of your book is still undefined or not ready, you can approach me and we walk together trough the whole process.

The cover

I have been creating book covers for over 20 years. It is a most wonderful challenge, every time again and again, to find a beautiful and meaningful image for the front of the book. How many readers pick up a book or leave it because of the cover?

The e-book

E-books are more and more important to get out there in the market these days. Books get printed but the e-reader is an increasing market that many authors still need to discover. The conversion of the book to an e-book varies from very easy to very complicated, depending on many factors. Professional e-book formatting makes books available on all platforms for all types of screens.